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Cost effective heat exchangers network of total site heat integration Boldyryev, S.,Krajačić, G.,Duić, N. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2016 0
Creation of a Combined Liquid Phenolfomaldehyde Antioxidant-Modifier for Improving Periclase-Carbon Refractory Life Semchenko, G.D.,Povshuk, V.V.,Brazhnik, D.A.,(...),Rozhko, I.N.,Rudenko, L.V. Refractories and Industrial Ceramic 2016 0
Damaging of tungsten and tungsten–tantalum alloy exposed in ITER ELM-like conditions Makhlai, V.A.,Garkusha, I.E.,Linke, J.,(...),Surovitskiy, S.V.,Wirtz, M.,Malykhin, S.V. Nuclear Materials and Energy 2016 0
Designing low viscosity furanepoxy polymers of the materials for construction industry Rassokha, A.,Cherkashina, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 0
Development of a mathematical model of the process of biological treatment of gasous effluents from formaldehyde Bakhareva, A.,Shestopalov, O.,Filenko, O.,Tykhomyrova, T. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 1
Development of a new thin film composition for SnS solar cell Klochko, N.P.,Lukianova, O.V.,Kopach, V.R.,(...),Kharchenko, M.M.,Kirichenko, M.V.,Khrypunov, G.S.,Lyubov, V.M. Solar Energy 2016 4
Development of alternative diagnostic feature system in the cardiology decision support systems Povoroznyuk, A.,Filatova, A. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 0
Development of n-ZnS/p-Cu2ZnSnS4 heterojunction for thin film solar cells Lukianova, O.V.,Klochko, N.P.,Khrypunov, G.S.,Kopach, V.R.,Lyubov, V.M. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties, NAP 2016 2016 0
Development of universal model of kinetics of bioremediation stationary process with substrate inhibition Bakhareva, A.,Shestopalov, O.,Filenko, O.,Kobilyansky, B. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 1
Device for integrated evaluation of the antioxidant activity of foods Batachenko, S.,Tomashevskyi, R. 2016 2nd International Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics and Engineering, YSF 2016 - Forum Proceedings 2016 0
Diamond grinding wheels production study with the use of the finite element method Kundrák, J.,Fedorovich, V.,Markopoulos, A.P.,Pyzhov, I.,Kryukova, N. Journal of Advanced Research 2016 1
Dynamic and thermal processes in the mid-latitude ionosphere over Kharkov, Ukraine (49.6° N, 36.3° E), during the 13-15 November 2012 magnetic storm: Calculation results Lyashenko, M.V. Acta Geophysica 2016 0
Dynamical instability of laminated plates with external cutout Awrejcewicz, J.,Kurpa, L.,Mazur, O. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 2016 1
Dynamics of energy transport and entropy production in ac-driven quantum electron systems Ludovico, M.F.,Moskalets, M.,Sánchez, D.,Arrachea, L. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2016 9
Effect of high-entropy components of nitride layers on nitrogen content and hardness of (TiN-Cu)/(AlNbTiMoVCr)N vacuum-arc multilayer coatings Beresnev, V.M.,Sobol, O.V.,Lytovchenko, S.V.,(...),Turbin, P.V.,Malikov, L.V. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2016 0
Effect of modified glass matrices on the strengthening of glass crystalline coatings Lisachuk, G.,Krivobok, R.,Bilostotska, L.,(...),Pavlova, L.,Podchasova, K. EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies 2016 0
Effect of Plasma, RF, and RIE Treatments on Properties of Double-Sided High Voltage Solar Cells with Vertically Aligned p-n Junctions Semenenko, M.O.,Dusheiko, M.G.,Mamykin, S.V.,(...),Kharchenko, M.M.,Klyui, N.I.,Kirichenko, M.V.,Zaitsev, R.V. International Journal of Photoenergy 2016 0
Effect of pressure of nitrogen atmosphere during the vacuum arc deposition of multiperiod coatings (Ti, Si)N/MoN on their structure and properties Beresnev, V.M.,Sobol, O.V.,Meylekhov, A.A.,(...),Nyemchenko, U.S.,Srebniuk, P.A. Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics 2016 0
Effect of silver nanoparticles on the UV photosensitivity of electrodeposited in pulsed mode nanostructured ZnO arrays Klepikova, K.S.,Klochko, N.P.,Kopach, V.R.,(...),Zaitsev, R.V.,Kirichenko, M.V.,Khrypunov, G.S. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties, NAP 2016 2016 0
Effect of step-edge on spectral properties and planar stability of metallic bigraphene Eremenko, V.V.,Sirenko, V.A.,Gospodarev, I.A.,(...),Feher, A.,Minakova, K.A. Low Temperature Physics 2016 0
Effect of the deposition parameters on the phase–structure state, hardness, and tribological characteristics of Mo2N/CrN vacuum–arc multilayer coatings Beresnev, V.M.,Klimenko, S.A.,Sobol’, O.V.,(...),Litovchenko, S.V.,Malikova, L.V. Journal of Superhard Materials 2016 0
Effects of Temperature and Concentration Mono and Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells: Extraction Parameters Khalis, M.,Masrour, R.,Khrypunov, G.,(...),Kudiy, D.,Zazoui, M.,Kirichenko, M.V. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2016 0
Electrochemical deposition of Fe–Mo–W alloy coatings from citrate electrolyte Karakurkchi, A.V.,Ved’, M.V.,Yermolenko, I.Y.,Sakhnenko, N.D. Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry 2016 0
Energy transition in south east and central Europe Schneider, D.R.,Guzovic, Z.,Duic, N.,Boldyryev, S. Thermal Science 2016 0
Erosion features of tungsten surfaces under combined steady-state and transient plasma loads Herashchenko, S.S.,Makhlaj, V.A.,Girka, O.I.,(...),Sereda, K.N.,Bizyukov, A.A.,Malykhin, S.V. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology 2016 0

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